What Would Eli Drink?
Allagash Victor

Allagash - Victor

WWED Grade: A-

Appearance: Clear. Lighter burnt orange. Sediment. Nice lasting head.

Smell:  Slightly sweet. Likely from the grapes.

Taste: Delicious. Mildly sweet, rounded caramel.

Drinkability: Very drinkable. Mild carbonation.

ABV: 9%

Serving Type: Bottle poured in glass.


This beer was delicious. Easy to drink. Slightly sweet, not very hoppy or bitter. Not exactly sure what style this would be. It’s mildly tart, but not sour. It’s been aged in Red Wine barrels and the brother beer to Victoria (aged in White Wine barrels). Drink it!

BevMo Buy Link: Nope
Brewery Link: http://www.allagash.com