What Would Eli Drink?
Avery Collaboration Not Litigation Ale (Batch #3)

Collaboration Not Litigation Ale (Batch #3)

WWED Grade: A

Appearance: Golden brown/orange. Hazy. Nice, creamy head that died within a couple minutes.

Smell:  Smells like a Belgian! Caramel essence – mildly sweet.

Taste: Very good. Belgiany. Classic. Could be a standard.

Drinkability: Yum! Very easy to drink. Slightly creamy.

ABV: 8.97%

Serving Type: 1.6 oz bottle poured in goblet


Great beer! Drink it! And read the story. In short – two incredible breweries (Russian River and Avery Brewing) both had beers titled “Salvation”. Instead of suing eachother over the use of the name, Avery approached Russian River and said “Hey – why don’t we collaborate on a beer together?” and ‘Collaboration not Litigation Ale” was the result! It’s a pretty straight forward Belgian Style ale. Great malts, mild hops – easy to drink. Yes – I enjoyed myself on this one. Get it while you can! This was Batch #3. No idea how many more they’ll do…

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Brewery Link: http://www.averybrewing.com/