What Would Eli Drink?
Bear Republic Pete's Brown Tribute Ale

Bear Republic – Pete Brown 27 Tribute Brown Ale

WWED Grade: A-

Appearance: Very dark for a brown ale. Little head on heavy pour.

Smell: Crisp. Malty. Toasted oats.

Taste: Good. Coffee. Malt. Brown sugar. Bitter and dry.

Drinkability: Very drinkable. Medium carbonation.

ABV: 6.3%

Serving Type: 22oz Bottle poured in goblet


This was a very good Brown Ale. You like Newcastle? You’d LOVE this beer. Well crafted. Easy to drink, flavors of toasted malt. Pair it with red meat or drink it on it’s own. This bottle was kinda filling – you could drink it as an appetizer too. Bear Republic – I think Pete would be honored by this beer.

BevMo Buy Link: Not Available Anymore
Brewery Link: http://www.bearrepublic.com/