What Would Eli Drink?
Iconoclast Eclat

Iconoclast Eclat

WWED Grade: C

Appearance: Zero head on a heavy pour. Dark copper.

Smell:  Sweet/sour. Peaches and cherries.

Taste: Meh…some bitterness. Very floral.             

Drinkability: It’s flat…but drinkable.

ABV: 8.4%

Serving Type: Bottle poured in goblet


I may not be familiar with this style. Been aging this one for a bit – after it’d been aged for 3 years (bottled in 2007 – aged at least 10 months in California Zin and Cab Oak Barrels). After cutting through 2 layers of thick wax, a bottle cap AND a cork (?!?!?) you can imagine my excitement and anticipation! But can you imagine my disappointment? Probably not. On a heavy pour – zero head = zero carbonation. I prefer my beers mildly carbonated. But have had plenty of styles intended to not be. This beer ‘started it’s life as an IPA’. My friend Jordan put it best – ‘it ended as an IPA that had sat in the sun, uncorked, then cooled and served a day later’. The flavors are there – in tact. Nice bitterness, very floral – but didn’t knock me out. Easy to drink, but won’t be buying this one again. I would however give this brewery another shot, and try cracking the next one sooner. If you have a bottle of this 2007 Iconoclast Eclat – crack it now, or just don’t bother.

BevMo Buy Link: Nope
Brewery Link: http://www.mayfieldbrewing.com/