What Would Eli Drink?
Stone/Nogne/Jolly Pumpkin Special Holiday Ale (2008)

Stone/Nogne/Jolly Pumpkin Special Holiday Ale (2008)

WWED Grade: B

Appearance: About an inch of very thick/full/creamy head. Lasted through the first few drinks. Very dark, like cherry red. Fairly cloudy.

Smell:  Sweet smell. Not necessarily citrus – but the accents of an orange, cherry or grape.

Taste: Mmmm…very good Holiday Ale. Slightly pepperish and cinnamony. Great balance of malt with hops. Bitter at the end. Very floral bitterness. Not necessarily hops.

Drinkability: Thick and smooth. Almost syrupy. Kinda unexpected. Sharp, medium carbonation. But in the end – drinkable.

ABV: 9%

Serving Type: Bottle poured in goblet.


I really like a good holiday seasonal beer. Emphasis on the “good”. They are often a hit or miss brew. And just because the brews come from reputable breweries – doesn’t necessarily mean their Christmas/winter/holiday seasonal will be any good. Fortunately for me and my palette (cause I’m the one drinkin’ it) the brewers at Stone did very well! Was it a home run? Eh…I’d say they got to third base. Which is very good! There are a few layers to this beer that I can’t quite put my finger on. Various spices and fruity esters. Nothin’ that I would say I’m the biggest fan of – but nothing bad. Just very good. You may have a hard time finding a bottle now (as this is from 2008). But look for it next year!