What Would Eli Drink?
Lips of Faith - La Folie (2009)

New Belgium La Folie (Sour Brown Ale)

WWED Grade: A

Appearance: Dark and hazy. Brown and plum colored on the edges when held to the light. Little head on a heavy pour that dissipated quickly.

Smell:  Smells very sour. Fruity – like cherries. Not picking up any hops or yeast. Fairly overpowering – but something you look for in this style. Smells great!

Taste: Very sour – they did this right. Puckers slightly in the corner of my mouth.

Drinkability: Very drinkable as far as the carbonation is concerned – but don’t chug this beer. I take that back – GOOD LUCK chugging this beer. That wouldn’t be a pleasant experience.

ABV: 6%

Serving Type: 22oz bottle poured in NB Goblet


What a great “sour” beer. I’ve said it before – but if you’ve never had a sour beer – prepare yourself. They call this a “sour brown”. Don’t drink this thinking it will be anything like a Brown Ale. This beer was aged for 1 – 3 years in French Oak barrels. And as the bottle says – it’s “seriously sour”. You’ll find the sides of your mouth pucker slightly. If you can appreciate this style – you will love this beer. Great job New Belgium! Pairing with foods? Could be challenging, this is a pretty powerful beer. If you’d like to compliment it with a dish – I’d shoot for a salad or something with a vinaigrette. Please…ENJOY!

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Brewery Link: http://www.newbelgium.com