What Would Eli Drink?

Good friends that also appreciate the drink. As much as I may know about beer - these guys know about fine spirits and cocktails. Some of the most creative cocktail mixologists I've met - and they throw some pretty awesome events around San Francisco. Look for Ethan behind the bar at Annabelles to try some of these delicious and inventive concoctions.

Watch these guys/gals - Jewlery makers out of Brooklyn, NY turning out some very cool and creative pieces. Visit the site to learn more and maybe even purchase a few for yourself.

I like this place...

Ever wonder where I find all these crazy, hard to find and eccentric beers? In San Francisco - this is my first stop. Not only will you find rare bottles, but limited and hard to find beers available on draft! Love this place...

These guys consistently stock the largest selection of beers in San Francisco. Between 300 - 400 DIFFERENT bottles at any given time. Mostly Belgian and European beers - but a fair selection of American Craft as well. Great selection of draft, and a beer menu that reads like a book. Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area.