What Would Eli Drink?
Mississippi Mud "Black & Tan"

Mississippi Mud “Black & Tan”

WWED Grade: C

Appearance: Burnt Amber. Clear. Separation is not as apparent as I’d suspected in a “Black and Tan”.

Smell:  Kinda musky – hints of coffee and malt.

Taste: Not…bad. I’m not getting any real hops flavors from the Pilsner. Some of the malt – but nothing really stands out.

Drinkability: Definitely easy to drink. Medium carbonation. Almost soda like, but not quite. Would be a nice session beer.

ABV: 4-6%

Serving Type: Quart Jug poured in Pint


Well – Missippi Mud. You weren’t my favorite. Honestly, not terrible – but not great either. Couldn’t quite make out what was in there. It’s one thing to have a Black and Tan at a pub. Not the first drink I’d order. But a Stout (or Porter) and some Amber Ale (what I’m used to in my Black and Tan) or Pilsner – I get that. I like how the flavors can compliment eachother. But there was no real separation here – no deciphering of the flavors. In fact – there wasn’t much flavor at all. I’ve certainly had worse – but definitely had better too. I dunno – the bottle was kitchy, and the price ($3.00 for a Quart of beer in a cool jug) was worth the session for me. So…thanks for that!

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