What Would Eli Drink?
Telegraph Brewing Company "Reserve Wheat Ale"

Telegraph Brewing Company “Reserve Wheat Ale”

WWED Grade: B+

Appearance: Hazy. Golden. Tight, tiny bubble streams.

Smell:  Lemony. Mildly nutty – but strong lemon.

Taste: Very good for it’s style. Lemony and sour.

Drinkability: Good carbonation – little strong, but good. Sharp if you take a big drink.

ABV: %

Serving Type: Bottle in goblet.


Mmm…this beer was done very well for it’s style. It’s a sour beer – so expect that when you drink it. They call it a “wild ale”. Lemon Verbana was added, along with some crazy yeasts that I won’t even attempt to spell. Whatever it is – kudos to you Telegraph Brewing! As good as it is, one is all I’d really like – it’s not a real session beer in that respect. But definitely worth a try. You may like it even more than I do!

Brewery Link: http://www.telegraphbrewing.com/