What Would Eli Drink?
Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout

WWED Grade: B

Appearance: Very dark brown. Blood red on the sides when held up to the light. Little head.

Smell: Slightly sweet. Definitely picking up on notes of coffee and caramel.

Taste: Yep – I taste that coffee. Little bitter. No hops.

Drinkability: Medium carbonation. Creamy. Good stout consistency.

ABV: 7.99%

Serving Type: Bottle poured in glass.


I like drinking with friends. I shared this one with a friend. We drank at the same time – he spoke first “Wow – that’s like eating a second meal”. As most stouts are. There’s nothing light about cappuccino or stout. If it weren’t dark – I’d be worried. Stout lovers will like this beer. Didn’t knock me out – but I’m glad I tried it.