What Would Eli Drink?
Live Oak "Big Bark Amber"

WWED Grade: B

Appearance: Clear. Light amber in color. Slightly more orange/red. Great head.
Smell: Musky. Kinda sweet. Actually smells kinda woody…but I wonder if that’s from the name suggestion. Still…it does…
Taste: This was a little sweeter than I prefer for an amber – but not bad at all. Pretty good. Mildly malted. A little bitter on my breath at the end.
Drinkability: This beer was very drinkable. Medium carbonation.
ABV: ? (Probably around 5%-6%)
Serving Type: Draft at Docs Backyard

This was a good beer -  very drinkable. Definitely worth trying if you find yourself in Texas. I was told Live Oak is a good brewery out there – this was my first of their line. I’d have it again, but wasn’t my favorite. Not bad at all though…