What Would Eli Drink?
Moylans "Old Blarney" Barleywine Ale

Moylans "Old Blarney" Barleywine
WWED Grade: B

Appearance: Cloudy copper/amber. Sediment on the bottom.
Sharp. Sweet. Sour. Like a Sour Apple.
Bitter. Hoppy. Yeasty/Wheat (Barley?) on my breath.
Very drinkable. Smooth.  Kinda thick. Creamy on the slush.

ABV: 10% YEE-HAW!!!
Serving Type:
Bottle in glass.

The bottle says "Barleywines are the "brandy" of the ale world. A great sipping ale" This was definitely a Barleywine done well! I wouldn't drink it with a meal, as it's kinda filling. But not bad after a meal. Beer for desert anyone?