What Would Eli Drink?
Moylans "Kilt Lifter" Scotch Ale
Moylans "Kilt Lifter" Scotch Ale
WWED Grade: A

Appearance: Cloudy. Deep Amber. Some, not much head.
Smell: Nutty and sweet. Little honey.
Taste: Mmmm…think of a caramel apple when you drink this. Hints of sweet hops and malt.
Drinkability: Oh yeah – I’ll definitely drink this beer again. Mild-light carbonation, but perfect for this beer.

ABV: 8.0%
Serving Type: Bottle poured in glass.


About two weeks before I started writing reviews, I had a Kilt Lifter for the second time. Couldn’t stop talking about it for at least a week. Just blew me away. When I decided to start writing reviews – this was one of the first I got. After every sip, I couldn’t wait for the next. Try to take your time, as you should with beers like this – but it’s tough. I wouldn’t say the flavors are complex, but very distinct. Think of a caramel apple – and you’ll taste one in this beer. But I wouldn’t say this was a sweet beer at all. Light on the hops, and definitely not bitter. Oddly enough, by the end – as the last few drops had warmed up – it maintained that original flavor. I love this beer – maybe you will too…