What Would Eli Drink?
Port Brewing - Wipeout IPA

Port Brewing – Wipeout IPA

WWED Grade: A-

Appearance: Nice ½” head on the pour. Cloudy. Golden color. Consistent ½” bubble streams.

Smell: Sweet. Floral. VERY Hoppy. Smells good to me.

Taste: Mmm…this is niiiiice. Great IPA taste. Fresh. Hoppy. Bitter on the sides of my mouth and on my breath.

Drinkability: Light. Easy to drink if you’re into IPA’s.


ABV: 7.0%

Serving Type: Draft at City Beer Store


This was a great IPA – but probably not something for starters. If you’re not used to the bitter hoppiness of an IPA – you probably won’t appreciate this beer. They boast a few different varieties of hops in here, and that comes through in the flavor. Though my palette isn’t quite refined enough to decipher between all the strands, I can tell you it’s definitely “hopped”. So…if you like IPA’s – you’ll LOVE this beer. But if you prefer a Lambic – stay away from here…