What Would Eli Drink?
Samuel Smith's India Ale (IPA)

Samuel Smiths India Ale (IPA)
WWED Grade: B-

Appearance: Nice copper color. Clear. Steady bubble streams with .5" breaks.
Fruitful Sweet smell. Maybe my sinuses are still messed up, but I can't smell the hops.
Good. Mildly sweet hops.  Very easy to drink IPA. Not as bitter or hoppy as expected. Definitely some hops on a big drink. IPA breath.
Very drinkable beer. Good medium carbonation. Lighter and not as bitter as typical IPA.

ABV: 5.0%
Serving Type:
Bottle in glass.

Good beer, although much lighter than expected. I think I may just be so accustomed to the American IPA's which are so hop heavy – that this beer didn't live up to what I typically expect out of an IPA. Where this beer shined was it's drinkability. Very easy, mild flavors and bitterness. It would make a great accompaniment to just about any meal (except breakfast). Very light, almost like a pilsner. Would I drink this beer again? Sure – why not - I enjoyed it.