What Would Eli Drink?
Thirsty Bear - McDobel Scotch Ale

Thirsty Bear – McDobel Scotch Ale

WWED Grade: B+

Appearance: Nice dark copper color. Clear (not cloudy). Good, medium head that died fast. Slow carbonation bubbles.

Smell: Smokey! Like a camp fire. Alder or Cedar smoked.

Taste: WOW! This was a first for me! VERY smokey beer. Like smoked salmon!?! Woody. No hops. Some malt though. But…smokey all around.

Drinkability: Very drinkable beer. Medium/light carbonation. You’ll probably either love or hate this beer. Creamy on the slush. Great with smoked foods or does well on it’s own. Very distinct flavors, could easily over power a meal.


ABV: 7.5%

Serving Type: Draft.

Yeah – you’re either gonna love or hate this beer. The smokiness is very distinct. But this is a Scotch Ale?!? Moylans “Kilt Lifter” Scotch Ale is still one of my all time favorites. When I saw that Thirsty Bear was offering a Scotch Ale as a seasonal – I HAD to give it a shot! But this was definitely not what I’d expected. Nothing like the Kilt Lifter – but not bad. Not sure I’d call this a Scotch Ale, more of a Smoked Ale. When drinking at a Brew Pub, always make friends with the bartenders (actually – that’s a good rule of thumb anywhere you go). Chances are, bartenders at a brew pub will know a little more about the beer and are usually happy to educate you on the process. I was told the brewers at Thirsty Bear used Peat (sp?) smoked grains to make this ale. The Scots used Peat Plants to stay warm in the winter by using it to sustain fires. They also used these grains in Whiskey. I’m not sure how long you’ll be able to find this brew at the Thirsty Bear – so if you want it…go now! I’ll definitely be back…